flickr Award Counter.Net

flickr Award is a windows application version of the flickr Award Counter greasemonkey script. It can be used to check the number of comments containing a particular string an image posted in a flickr group or pool has.

Additionally, it can automatically add a new comment to those images that meet certain criteria. This allows a group admin to scan the group pool for images that have a certain number of comments and add a new comment to them.

This is useful for group admins that need to quickly identify if an image has enough comments of a particular type to qualify for being in a certain group, and need to post promotion comments against photos that meet certain criteria.

This is a .net windows application which means you will need to download and install it in order to use it. It requires the Microsoft .net framework 2.0 be installed ( Download here )

Due to the way the application adds comments to photos via the flickr API, you will need to authenticate it against your flickr account.


flickr Award Counter.Net is currently in beta and is available for download here.

Installation is quick and simple, just click the link below to download and install:

Download flickr Award Counter.Net ( downloads)

This is a beta version and you may encounter problems with it. If you do please let me know at the contact email address below.

Release Notes

v1.1b    Fixed a number of minor bugs. Multipage handling improved

v1.0b    Counts the comments on the photos in a group pool and optionally adds a new promotion comment